Product Types

  • Digital

    Access to digital resources, intangible products, which can be downloaded or transferred over the internet - digital graphics, server applications, books, and other files and streams, email lists, client website site access, website membership.

    Printable graphics - high resolution images for printing.

    Knowledge-based products - verbally and visually informative materials with unique concepts and methods that I discovered and systematized - presentations, courses, tutorials, talks, books, and other files and streaming media.

    Concepts - abstract ideas, general notions, conceptions, abstractions, theories, hypotheses, beliefs, convictions, projects.

    Methods - particular ways, forms, and procedures for accomplishing or approaching something.

  • Edition

    Limited editions, signed and numbered 200-piece printed editions of high quality copies of original artworks, artwork sheet prints, albums, and books.

  • Original

    Unique original artworks, signed, unframed fine art originals, hand-drawn and digitized illustrations - unique created artwork and art commissioning.

    Original artworks are hand-made art pieces, images created in the real world, using pigments, foundations, and other physical entities.

  • Unavailable

    Products that are presented for viewing but are permanently not available for purchase any longer or are on hold.

    • Unavailable can mean that the item has been sold, given, or lost - it is not in my possession any longer, or that it was kept for other purposes, or that a service is suspended.
    • Products can be on a temporary hold: in transition, currently exhibited, promised, evaluated, and for other reasons.


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA, 323-686-1771

I accept payment via PayPal and Zelle under my business email

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