Original Artwork

Unique original artworks, signed, unframed fine art originals, hand-drawn and digitized illustrations - unique created artwork and art commissioning.

Original artworks are hand-made art pieces, images created in the real world, using pigments, foundations, and other physical entities.

  • Original Artwork

    Fine art original paintings and drawings and custom artwork.

    • Originals: handmade works of fine art completed independently are my main concentration, you can purchase any available artwork;
    • Painting Commission: if you would like to define the theme or subject of the art piece and possibly the main colors of the artwork you will buy, we could agree on terms for a portrait, a painting of a place (like a home view), or an abstraction;
    • Murals:for your wall with most lightfast pigments, designed to fit harmoniously into surroundings;
    • Illustration: visualization of the essence in your book, recording, or any other type of presentation.
  • Fine Art

    These works are fine art objects hand-made by Lena Nechet by applying pigments to a surface.


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA, LenaNechet.com
Art@LenaNechet.com 323-686-1771

I accept payment via PayPal and Zelle under my business email Art@LenaNechet.com

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