One of the documents you will receive with the purchase of my artwork.

Artist’s Bill of Sale

This invoice acts as a record of the transaction between you (Buyer) and me (Artist), the artist, for bookkeeping and to avoid misunderstandings. It includes information about the parties involved, the art piece itself, and the services provided. 

  1. Alphanumeric sequential invoice number which includes the unique artwork reference code.
  2. Date of sale.
  3. Contact information of the Artist (name and email address).
  4. Contact information of the Buyer (name, email address, and delivery address).
  5. Artwork data (see more for authenticity data):
    1. title,
    2. approximate dimensions,
    3. media or edition;
  6. Taxes, third-party payment fees, handling and shipping costs - included in price;
    • The minimum combined (the total of state 6%, county 0.25%, city 0.5%, and special Oceanside Tourism Marketing District 1.5%) 2024 sales tax rate for Oceanside, California is 8.25%.
    • For example, the PayPal fee is over 3% and Zelle - 0%.
    • Packaging cost I keep under $10.
    • Shipping with insurance in the USA is usually about $50, internationally ~$100+ (usually with worldwide USPS priority).
  7. Price total;
  8. Copyright and Reproduction rights, see Copyright Certificate, in short:

    The Artist reserves all reproduction rights, including the right to claim statutory copyright in the artwork. The artwork may not be photographed, sketched, painted, or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the express written consent of the Artist

  9. Artist's and buyer's signatures.

Legal Meaning

This Bill of Sale is made on the date above by and between the parties: Buyer and Artist.

The Artist confirms to be the owner of the artwork and has the right to sell the artwork to the Buyer for the listed purchase price and method, and certifies that the information provided in this Bill of Sale is true, accurate, and complete to the best of her knowledge, and that the artwork is free and clear of all liens, encumbrances, debts, liabilities and adverse claims, of
every kind and nature.

The Buyer and the Artist agree that the property described above shall be sold by the Artist, and purchased by the Buyer, on an “as is” basis and in an “as is” condition, with no express or implied guarantees or warranties. The Buyer accepts all liability for the artwork as of the sale date.

This Bill of Sale constitutes the only agreement between the Buyer and the Artist, and all other agreements, whether express or implied, shall have no force and effect except as
stated in this agreement.

The copyright holder in the artwork is the Artist who reserves all reproduction rights, including the right to claim statutory copyright in the artwork. The rights reserved by the Artist also include among others: the image copyright, the right to be informed of the resale or transfer of the artwork, the right to borrow work temporarily for other exhibitions, and the right to limit public exhibition of the artwork by the buyer. This Bill of Sale does not purport to sell the copyright in the artwork.


Before shipping the artwork, I will send you this digital document. Please return it digitally with your signature after making the payment.

Artist’s Bill of Sale information.Pricelist


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