Hi, I am a fine art painter and videographer with an academic background in economics (Master's and Bachelor of Science) and creative arts (AA), with web development and documentary filmmaking experience. 

A European in California, I am a multilingual person who has lived in several cultures and values personal connections. My main strengths are critical thinking, optimization, and visualization.

Lena Nechet - CV

Oceanside, San Diego County, California (LinkedIn)

  1. Professional Experience in the US
  2. Formal Education in the United States
  3. Formal Education In Europe
  4. Volunteer Experience and Causes
  5. Skills, Languages, and Interests

Professional Experience in the US

Fine Art Painter

at Fruit of Art Studio, 2018 – Present

Original artwork, portraiture, art workshops.
Life Figure Drawing (over 450 hours with life models) · Fine Art · Visual Arts · Videography · Painting · Photography · Environmental Portraiture · Portrait Photography, Videography

German Language Instructor

2015 – 2018, Orange County, California

Business and travel German language intensive in-person lessons for adults, beginner and intermediate levels. Multilingual interpreter.

German Language Trainer

Language Trainers, March 2016 – December 2017 (1 year 10 months)

Business German courses for employees of international corporations and private business owners and travelers based in Orange County.

Business Founder

LTalks, 2014 – 2017 (3 years)

I used my academic training in economics and film-making as well as substantial experience in web development to fulfill my clients' vision and to reach a specific audience, following a thoroughly discussed and carefully designed plan.


Certified Translation Services US, LLC, 2013 – May 2015 (2 years), San Diego, California

IT and legal translations, German - English.

Customer Service Representative

Provide Commerce, 2014 – 2015, La Jolla, California

Problems solving for customers across different brands (ProFlowers, RedEnvelope, Personal Creations, Gifts.com), and solving issues with international orders.


Independent, 2013 – February 2015 (2 years), San Diego, California

Short film, videography, photography, logotype, web presence.

Web Developer

Independent, 2007 – 2014

Website creation for small businesses and individuals based on OO PHP framework with extensions, HTML and style sheets (CSS), Linux Apache server, backup, maintenance, web presence, and social networks integration.

Contents: Experience US, Education US, Education Europe, Volunteer, Skills


Formal Education in the United States

MiraCosta College, Associate in Arts Degree: Creative and Applied Arts (May 2023);

AA in Creative and Applied Arts, 2023

MiraCosta College, California
International Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa, GPA 4.00, President's List
  1. Political Science, American Institutions and History, PLSC 102 (A, 4 units, 68 hours) with Dr. Jeffrey Demsky;
  2. Landmarks in Art, Art 290 (A, 3 units, 60 hours) with Yoshimi Hayashi;
  3. Voice and Diction, DRAM 110 (A, 3 units, 42 hours) with Tracy Williams, and visiting professor of the Actor’s Academy Gerilyn Brault;
  4. Life Figure Drawing II, ART 213 (A, 3 units, 102 hours) with Dean Ramos;
    Advanced nude models drawing from life in charcoal, graphite, and in watercolor.
  5. Anthropology: Evolution of Human Behavior, ANTH 105 (A, 3units, 42 hours) with Dr.  Lynne Miller;
  6. Psychology: Human Behavior, PSYC 121 (A, 3 units, 42 hours) with Dr. Robert Kelley;
  7. Genre Writing (in progress,45 hours) with Tony Hickman; scriptwriting.
  8. Story Writing (in progress,50 hours) with Susan Pynes; poetry and true stories.
  9. Watercolor Painting, ART 205 (A, 3 units, 102 hours) with Diane Adams;
    Advanced watercolor techniques, eight independent projects, art critique.
  10. Digital Art and Media, ART 245 (A, 3 units, 102 hours) with Gilbert Neri;
    Digital graphics with Photoshop and GIMP, video editing, and advertisement.
  11. Visual Art Professional Practice, ART 295 (A, 3 units, 90 hours);
    Group exhibit installation, work preparation for exhibiting, and collaboration with museum curators.
  12. Design and Color, ART 101 (A, 3 units, 102 hours) with Xuchi Naungayan Eggleton
    Eclectic exhibition projects, group workshops, and team art installations.
  13. Life Figure Drawing, ART 203 (A, 3 units, 102 hours) with Clayton Llewellyn;
    Drawing nude models from life in charcoal, pastel, and graphite.
  14. Mixed Media Figure Studies, ART 206 (A, 3 units, 102 hours) with Alla Musgrave / Bartoshchuk;
    Painting nude models from life in various media.
  15. Portrait and Figure, NCART 15 (51 hours) with France-Marie Haeger;
    Life models drawing and painting, art analysis and critique.
Orange Coast College, 2015
  1. Great Directors of Cinema, FILM A104 (A, 3 units, 54 hours), with Stephen Valley
San Diego City College, 2014-15

Dean's List 2014-2015 of Academic Excellence, GPA 4.00 (25 units in 3 semesters, 9 courses).

  1. Small Business Accounting: Recordkeeping and Payroll, ACCT 128 (A, 3 units, 48 hours);
  2. Accounting Internship, ACCT 270  (A, 1 unit, 71 hours).
  3. Business Law, BUSE 140 (A, 3 units, 48 hours) with Shoshana Dennis, attorney;
  4. Electronic Field Production, RTVF 110 (A, 3 units, 48 hours + lab) with Bob Sly;
  5. Documentary Film Production, RTVF 112 (A, 3 units, 48 hours + lab) with Cy Kuckenbaker;
  6. Lighting for TV and Film, RTVF 128 (A, 3 units, 80 hours) with Duane Gardella;
  7. Scriptwriting, RTVF 110 (A, 3 units, 48 hours) - fiction and documentary scripts;
  8. Critical Thinking and Composition, ENGL 205 (A, 3 units, 48 hours) with Jason W. Parker;
  9. English Reading and Composition, ENGL 101 (A, 3 units, 48 hours);

Certifications in USA

Teaching Assistant Certificate, 2023, MiraCosta College (educational technology emphasis).

Internal Revenue Services, IRS VITA, 2014-2015, Advanced Tax Preparer (97.50% score, 71-hour training).

IBM, Advanced Software Security training, 2011, Washington, DC.

Contents: Experience US, Education US, Education Europe, Volunteer, Skills

Formal Education In Europe

ZGU, Zaporizhzhya State University

Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Economics
Specialist Diploma (5-year university degree), 1991-1997, GPA 3.47
Qualification of Economist, concentration in Accounting and Auditing; state exam

WES U.S. regionally accredited institution equivalency, 2023; IERF international equivalency, 2018
The Ministry of Science and Research of Nordrhein Westfalen State, NRW - Diplom-Betriebswirtin.

Chess Championship finalist; scholarship; 151 semester-units, 47 courses.

Collegium 98

High School equivalent, Class of Advanced Mathematics, 1989-1991, Ukraine

Final years of the standard secondary education, 6-weekdays, with additional classes for calculus.

Received State award for excellence - a silver medal, along with two other students, out of ~120 graduates.

Music School 1

Class Piano, Final Concert (Excellent), 1984-1990, Ukraine

Piano, counterpoint, musical theory, classical choir concerts (voice polyphony).

Coursework in Europe

Credit Courses for B.S. and M.S. in Economics, ZGU (152 Units):

  1. Accounting (B, 10.5 units, 240 hours, term paper B)
  2. Higher Mathematics (A, 10 units, 222 hours)
  3. Analysis of Business Activities (B, 8 units, 180 hours, term paper B)
  4. Accounting Control and Auditing (B, 5.5 units, 120 hours)
  5. Political History (A, 5.5 units, 120 hours)
  6. Fundamentals of Economic Theory (A, 5 units, 116 hours, term paper B)
  7. Philosophy (A, 5 units, 116 hours)
  8. Automated Systems of Economics Information Processing (P, 5 units, 114 hours)
  9. Business Economics (A, 5 units, 108 hours)
  10. Informatics of Economics and Fundamentals of Programming (A, 5 units, 108 hours)
  11. Accounting in Commercial Enterprises (B, 5 units, 108 hours)
  12. Technology Systems (B, 4 units, 90 hours)
  13. Investment Activities (A, 3.5 units, 80 hours)
  14. Finance Operations and Loans (A, 3 units, 72 hours)
  15. Planning and Modeling (P, 3 units, 72 hours)
  16. Political Science (B, 3 units, 68 hours)
  17. History of State Economics (P, 3 units)
  18. Financial Recordkeeping of Enterprises (P, 3 units, 66 hours)
  19. General Theory of Statistics (A, 2.5 units, 60 hours)
  20. Mathematical Programming (B, 2.5 units, 60 hours)
  21. Theory of Probability (C, 2.5 units, 60 hours)
  22. Accounting in State-Financed Enterprises (B, 2.5 units, 60 hours)
  23. Taxation (C, 2.5 units, 60 hours)
  24. International System of Accounting (C, 2.5 units, 60 hours)
  25. Methods of Mathematical Economics (P, 2.5 units, 60 hours)
  26. Computer Science Workshop (P, 2.5 units, 60 hours)
  27. Production Equipment and Manpower (P, 2.5 units, 60 hours, term paper A)
  28. Accounting Automation (P, 2.5 units, 60 hours)
  29. Fundamentals of Marketing (P, 2.5 units, 60 hours)
  30. Management (A, 2.5 units, 60 hours)
  31. Socioeconomic Statistics (C, 2.5 units, 60 hours)
  32. Theory of Accounting (A, 2.5 units, 54 hours)
  33. Production Equipment and Manpower (P, 2.5 units)
  34. Cost of Production Calculation (P, 2 units, 48 hours)
  35. Logic (A, 2 units, 40 hours)
  36. Current Issues of Religion (P, 1.5 units, 36 hours)
  37. History of Ukraine (P, 2 units)
  38. Economic Law (P, 1.5 units, 30 hours)
  39. History of Economic Studies (P, 1.5 units, 30 hours)
  40. Environmental Economics (P, 1.5 units, 30 hours)
  41. International Economic Relations (P, 1.5 units, 30 hours)
  42. Ethics and Aesthetics (P, 1 unit, 28 hours)
  43. Fundamentals of Constitutional Law (P, 1 unit, 20 hours)
  44. Ukrainian and International Cultures (P, 1.5 units)
  45. Business Ukrainian Language (B, exam)
  46. Specialty Accounting(B, exam)
  47. Foreign Language / Business English (A, 6 units)

Courses in Germany:

Goethe Institut Düsseldorf

Intermediate German Studies, full-time program (112 hours), 2002.

Berlitz Deutschland

Conversational German Level 5, three-month course; exam on January 23, 2003 (B, A, B, B, B, A).

VHS (Volkshochschule)

  1. Accounting for Business (P, 36 hours);
  2. Advanced Accounting for Business (P, 36 hours);
  3. Advanced German Language - Kleines Sprachdiplom (now Goethe-Zertifikat C2, 6th level CEFR) exam preparation (P, 78 hours);
  4. Spanish 101 (P, 37 hours).

University of Düsseldorf

Institut für Internationale Kommunikation, IIK

Academic German, TestDAF, # 016988 (A, A, C, A in a 5-hour oral and written exam) after a course, January 2004 - April 2004, 2004;

English for International Communication, TOEIC, # 421656, Educational Testing Service (ETS), 2004.

Universität Duisburg-Essen

Unfinished Master of Science, Programming for Business, Essen, Germany, 2004-2005

Studied informatics, applied mathematics, and programming (Java).

Certified in W3L Web Design and Ergonomics for Professional Websites, after the course (27 hours) and exam (4:50), Bohum, Feb. 8 2005, with professor Heide Balzert, Ph.D.

Contents: Experience US, Education US, Education Europe, Volunteer, Skills

Volunteer Experience and Causes

Advanced Tax Preparer

IRS VITA, Economic Empowerment Program
Recognized by IRS SPEC/TCE for outstanding public service

As an advanced certified IRS tax preparer, I drove every Saturday to poorer neighborhoods of Greater San Diego and filed their tax papers with the most advantageous status and deductions, for the highest earned tax return for the community members with income under $50.000, from January to April 2015.


Humanist Fellowship of San Diego, 2018-2019
Volunteer, 2013 - 2019
  • Elected president of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization in San Diego County;
  • Public relations, media, public image, management, board meetings;
  • Helping organize events, networking, and establishing web presence;
  • Web development: HumanistFellowshipSanDiego.org

Web Developer

Fruitarian Network Fruitarians.net
Ethics, Environment, Health (7 Years, 2009 - 2017)
  • Design and maintenance of the website, administration;
  • Maintaining the web presence on the major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.);
  • Admin of 2 large online groups of ~ 7,000 - 9,000 members;
  • Editing in writing code (PHP, HTML, CSS, SQL) for frameworks like Joomla and Dolphin;
  • Publishing relevant scientific data and educational posts.

Contents: Experience US, Education US, Education Europe, Volunteer, Skills

Skills, Languages, and Interests


Visual Arts

Fine art techniques, art training, abstract expressionism, painting, drawing, photography, environmental portraiture, event photography, videography, filmmaking, documentary film production, video editing, color correction, color grading, screenwriting, video promotion, and logo design.

Foreign Languages

Language Training, Interpreting, Translation

German language instructing, German-English, German-Russian, and English-Russian interpreting, German IT and legal translation, Russian and English translation, Russian language consulting, intercultural communication, and interlingual mediation.


Digital marketing, accounting, small business bookkeeping, macroeconomics, microeconomics, customer relationships, account management, business management, and investing.

Web Development

Web programming, object-oriented design, PHP, HTML, CSS style sheets, XML, FTP, Joomla! Framework™ CMS, Apache, .htaccess, search engine optimization (SEO).

OS and Software Proficiency

Linux, Windows 2000-10, VMWare, VirtualBox, Microsoft Office, Open Office, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape, Blender, XMind, Eclipse, Atom, Notepad++, virtual machines, portable and open source software and servers, etc.


Mind mapping, mnemonics, style consulting, lifestyle training.


  • English - full professional proficiency;
  • German - full professional proficiency;
  • Spanish - very basic;
  • Ukrainian - native bilingual proficiency.
  • Russian - native bilingual proficiency;


Poetry, ethics, argumentation, logic, science, humanism, orcharding, freestyle dancing, endurance running, open water swimming.

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