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Thank you for trusting me with your information. I will do my best to guard it.

Encryption of Your Data

Your password is encrypted for everyone. I pay for the secure certificate by a trusted third party to encrypt the transfer: 128 bit keys, TLS 1.3. It is renewed yearly and currently verified by cPanel, Inc. Cookies (tiny passive texts) might be stored on you computer by the site script to identify your browser on the next visit.

Location of Your Data

The databases of this site, including your entries, and all its files are located on two separate systems in California, US. One host server delivers this site to you and stores backups, and another one is on my private computers and disks. I back up the whole website myself via an encrypted connection to be able to restore it independently.

Using Your Data

This site does not use trackers of your activity, including new FLoC. Other entities on the internet might do it via your browser or by monitoring and hacking sites, please make sure to use safe updated software.

The website algorithms must use your email to recognize you for access and notification. Personally, I might use your email to contact you or cite your messages anonymously, and with attribution  upon your request. I will never sell your name, email, or anything else you decide to share. I interact via email through an independent commercial server.  

You are still responsible for guarding your login data on your devices, by doing so, you also keep other users safer - thank you.

Deleting of Your Data

If you delete your data via the site interface, it will be deleted from the active database almost immediately, and from the stored copies - with the next scheduled backup. All saved versions of this website older than a few months are deleted forever from all storage locations.

Obviously, accounts by dishonest players can be terminated in case of spam or other abuses - to save you from annoyances and to preserve the integrity of this site.


Please do not share any highly sensitive information on this site. Your privacy is not entirely guaranteed, even though all reasonable measures are taken by me personally to keep your data save.

 Thank you for reading. Privacy policy Data, Encryption, Location, Usage, Deleting


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