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Estimates of Amino Acid Requirements for adultsmg / kg per day

  • Phenylalanine + tyrosine: 14
  • Leucine: 14
  • Methionine + cystine13
  • Histidine: 8–12
  • Lysine: 12
  • Isoleucine: 10
  • Valine: 10
  • Threonine: 7
  • Tryptophan: 3.5

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If we stop consuming, they will stop producing.

All Essential Amino Acids

An essential amino acid, or indispensable amino acid, is an amino acid that cannot be synthesized by the organism, and must be supplied in diet. 

The 9 amino acids humans cannot synthesize (F V T W M L I K H):

  • phenylalanine
  • valine
  • threonine
  • tryptophan
  • methionine
  • leucine
  • isoleucine
  • lysine
  • histidine

Animal and plant proteins are made up of about 20 common amino acids.

Synthesis of 6 other amino acids - conditionally essential - can be limited under special conditions (R C G Q P Y)arginine, cysteine, glycine, glutamine, proline, and tyrosine.

Dispensable amino acids can be synthesized in the human body, 5 (A D N E S): alanine, aspartic acid, asparagine, glutamic acid and serine . Apple