1980-s & Earlier

The Nineteen-Eighties

Most of my childhood happened in 1980s, and I have limited knowledge about earlier events.

Title Created Date
Wisla - Polish Folk Song March 2020
Ukrainian Terror Famine December 2021
Student Parents January 2018
Paternal Uncle January 2018
Paternal Grandparents February 2018
Paternal Grandmother February 2018
Paternal Grandfather February 2018
Origins January 2018
Only Child January 2018
My Parent's Wedding February 2018
My Music in 1980s December 1989
My Mother February 2018
My Father February 2018
My Ethnicity January 2018
Maternal Uncle February 2018
Maternal Grandmother February 2018
Maternal Grandfather February 2018
Maternal Aunt December 2021
Cousin February 2018
Childhood January 2016
Birthplace - Donetsk February 2018
Another Uncle June 2019
All Tags December 1999


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