2000-s Decade

The Two-Thousands

My adulthood had started with this twenty-first century of the Anno Domini or Common Era by Gregorian calendar, and with the third millennium.

My German became fluid; I've got my first computer and a digital camera; two of my first serious relationships with German guys crashed; I started biking and driving; I lost my paintings; I changed continents; I was investing into emerging markets (Brazil and India, with gains) and alternative energy (with losses); I found myself in impossible situations; I learnt programming and bootstrapped my first website from scratch; I lived on a boat for five months; I was hit by a mini-bus on a bicycle and thrown under the wheels of another car; I ran half-marathon through Redwoods; I lost a lot during the great recession, especially personally; three of important to me people died; I changed Coasts and founded an international network.


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
San Diego, California , USA, LenaNechet.com
Art@LenaNechet.com 323-686-1771

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