Summary is a short statement of the main points or a comprehensive and brief abstract, recapitulation, or compendium of previously stated facts or statements.

Hierarchical outline is a list arranged to show hierarchy and relationships and is a type of tree structure.

General outline is a summary or overview of a subject.

List is a simple series of words, numerals, and other items, written or printed together in a meaningful grouping, sequence, or arranged according to some system to constitute a record.

Title Created Date
Books I Read in 2023 February 2024
Books I Read in 2022 February 2024
Expository Essay Outline September 2022
Furtuna 2014 - Male Agression September 2022
2007 - Brain Chemicals Involved In Aggression September 2022
Evolution by Natural, Kin, and Sexual Selection September 2022
Environment of Evolutionary Adaptation September 2022
Sapolsky 2002 - What Females Want September 2022
Leonard 2003 - Food for Thought September 2022
Wong 2014 - Rise of the Human Predator September 2022
Hrdy 2009 - Meet the Alloparents September 2022
Brain Development of Infants September 2022
Carmichael 2007 - A Changing Portrait of DNA September 2022
Bhattacharya 2011 - The Children Who Grow Old September 2022
Childbirth and Brest-Feeding Basics August 2022
Raloff 2005 - Still Hungry August 2022
What is a Hormone August 2022
Kenny 2013 - The food addiction August 2022
Moyer 2011 - Obsessions Revisited August 2022
Prenatal Development Basics August 2022
Sapolsky 2004 - Your Personal Pathology August 2022
Winslow Homer April 2022
Principles of Art February 2022
Elements of Art February 2022
Books I Read in 2021 January 2022
Concise History of Ukraine November 2021
Concise History of Germany November 2021
What I Believe August 2021
Behavioral Biology and Monotheism June 2021
Books I Read in 2019 December 2019
Fun Facts & Failures September 2019
Critical Thinking Introduction April 2018
7 Nouns January 2018
7 Adjectives January 2018
Lena Nechet - Curriculum Vitae December 2017
Ethics and Aesthetics October 2016
Ponzi May 2014
8 Limbs of Yoga November 2013
Three Laws of Thermodynamics October 2013
All Tags December 1999


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