Analysis, Critique, Evaluation


Relationships of ideas or parts, possible situations, alternative responses, systemic analysis, comparison, gaining insight.

The terms analysis ("to take apart" - to break down an intellectual or substantial whole into parts) and synthesis ("to put together" - to combine separate elements or components in order to form a coherent whole) are similar procedures.

Analytical writing - relationships of ideas or parts, possible situations, alternative responses, systemic analysis, comparison.

System analysis - a problem-solving technique that analyses components of a system to see how well they interact to accomplish the purpose.


Evaluation of  worth or significance, questioning, methodical doubt with recognition of merit, judgement according to a set of standards, commentary, formal criticism, identifying possible desirable changes, implications and solutions, conclusions, and recommendations.

Critical writing can contain evaluation, judgement, questioning, implications and solutions, conclusions, and recommendations. 

Critique is a critical evaluation or analysis, especially of works of art or literature - a methodical practice of doubt with recognition of merit, or a critical essay or commentary, an instance of formal criticism.

In German, Italian, French, or Russian, there is no distinction between 'critique' and 'criticism'. In the English, critique is not personalized nor ad hominem, but is instead the analyses of the structure in the content of the item critiqued.


Evaluative writing I use to judge something according to my set of criteria. The primary purpose of my evaluations, is usually gaining insight and identifying possible desirable changes.

Evaluation is a systematic determination of its subject's merit, worth or significance, using criteria governed by a set of standards.

I strive to follow these rules in evaluative writing:

  1. Have a clear argument.
  2. Formulate a thesis statement.
  3. Research and present the subject well.
  4. Challenge my biases.
  5. Come to a conclusion of some value.


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