Fruitarian ethics, history, worldview and ideas - theoretical and cultural aspects of fruitarianism, fruitarian lifestyle and diet. 

Fruitarian ethics: moral principles that govern a fruitarians' behavior, fruitarian moral code, fruitarian values and value system, ideals, fruitarian standards of behavior, fruitarian virtues and conscience.

Fruitarianism /fruːˈtɛəriənɪzəm/ :

  • a diet that consists entirely or primarily of fruits in the botanical sense, and possibly nuts and seeds, without animal products;
  • a philosophy of non-harming living organism without need, especially animals and plants;
  • a lifestyle that reflects these ethical and environmental values.
Title Created Date
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Quiet Orchard April 2022
Live Longer with Better Foods February 2022
My Flower Tea November 2021
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Logical Fallacies in Diet with Examples June 2011
Overemphasizing Plant Cooperation August 2021
Fruitarian Movement July 2021
Best and Worst Snacks for Longevity July 2021
Fresh Fruit for Higher Insulin Sensitivity June 2021
Fallen Fruit May 2014
Fruitarians on Facebook June 2021
Fruitarians on Twitter June 2021
Thank you! September 2019 May 2009
Fruitlucks April 2019
Scientists and Philosophers to Research Fruitarianism December 2017
Benjamin Franklin - Flesh November 2017
Before You Email Me July 2017
Book The Hidden Life of Trees by Peter Wohlleben March 2017
Complex Fruitarian Salad with Spices and Herbs January 2017
Response to Eisel Mazard (a-bas-le-ciel) - Unnatural Vegan vs. Ethical Vegans January 2017
Single-Issue Ethical Campaigns January 2017
Mahatma Gandhi - Greatness January 2017
Isaac Bashevis Singer - Crown January 2017
Is High Fruit Raw Vegan Diet the Key to Vitality and Health? December 2016
To Claire Michelle: Abundance, Trusting Universe, Law of Attraction, Travel, Love, Trust December 2016
Vlog 16: My Fruitarian Meals, Sorry for my Errors December 2016
One-Day Fruit Diet December 2016
Seeds in Fruitarian Diet? December 2016
Interview: Margaret Lozano - ModVegan November 2016
Interview: Rhys - Sora Sennin November 2016
Amino Acids in Fruits and Seeds July 2010
55 Fruitarian Questions October 2016
Declaration on Consciousness November 2016
Private and Public Fruitarian Discussion November 2016
Fruitarian Notes on Humanist Manifesto January 2014
Anyone Can Be Real Vegan October 2016 Method Critique 2010 June 2010
Richard Dawkins - Vegetarian October 2016
Fruitarian Food Sources of Zinc October 2016
To Selfishness by Mexie Mermaid October 2016
Response to Liberation Pledge October 2016
Satisfying Fruitarian Food Days April 2013
My Credentials October 2016
Against Freelee, Durianrider, 30bananasaday, RawTill4 April 2012
Fruitarian Facebook Page Updates Removed December 2013
Calcium Rich Fruits and Seeds October 2016
Dalai Lama - Life October 2016

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