I hope you can come over this Saturday, June 8, at 5 pm! Let's have a relaxing evening and talk about life. 

We will continue with philosophical questions, possibly starting with the one about polyamory we did not answer last time (same setup described there), and if you have conversational games, bring them with you. If you have a good question or a real life situation to discuss, we will prioritize it. Please bring your favorite drinks and plant-based snacks. See you soon!

Post Party Notes

Fourteen of us gathered in the orchard first for some reason to discuss flying and environment, then we moved the tables together inside, loaded them with snacks, and talked about our most beautiful recent experiences, including birds, diatoms, escape rooms, post-apocalyptic gathering in a desert, window views, having a baby in the family, having another good day in life, playing a guitar, moving in together, experiments running flawlessly, and some other wonderful things.

Then we all gave answers to the question: "Could you be polyamorous?" and interpreted it in many ways, discovering interesting stories on the way. Then we also talked about 3-d printing with biodegradable plastics, dead body jokes and horror room performances, making candles, designing rewards, welding from old car parts, aviation, painting techniques, managing museums, buying socks, making a will, becoming an actor, and heard acting life insider stories (from "Walking Dead" and such), among other things.

You guys made me so happy with your presence, also showing me the great side of humanity. I laughed so much, I lost half of my voice. 

PS: This is the second picture we took, with a 5 seconds timer, the first one (10 seconds) is above.

 game night 2024-06-08, 10 seconds, small version


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