Fresh Fruit Potluck San Diego @fruitarians

Let's have a good time sharing a meal of fresh fruit. In 2018, I started hosting fruit potlucks, fruitlucks, on second Sundays. In 2020, we planned to meet every first Friday at five (5) pm, but we had only two before the pandemic. In 2022, I decided not to continue. Thank you all!

Answers to Already Asked Questions:

  • What kind of fruit should I bring?
    Any kind, sweat or non-sweet, but tasty, ripe, and undamaged.
  • What if I do not want fresh fruits or cannot get any?
    Bring seeds, vegan salads, or fruit drinks, juices, or tea or coffee. Or bring fruits that others would likely enjoy.
  • Do I need to bring drinks?
    Only if you want to bring something special, we will have tap water and hibiscus herbal tea.
  • How much fruit should I bring?
    Enough to satiate 1-2 people. For example, 2 pounds of grapes, or 6 large apples, or a melon.
  • Why only fruit?
    1. Fruits are one of the most environmentally friendly, ethical, healthy, and universal foods.
    2. Fruits are easy, with no cooking, and no special ingredients that someone might not like.
    3. Nobody else in my area organizes fruitarian events, they are rare everywhere, and as a long-term fruitarian, I want to do something about it. Even vegan, vegetarian, or plant-based gatherings are hard to find.
    4. People should eat more fresh fruits and vegetables (including non-sweet fruits like tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, or cucumbers) to live longer and healthier.
    5. A fresh fruit meal might become an example to form a nice habit: once a month, a week, or even daily fruit-only lunch or dinner.
    6. It is worth my effort to organize a fruitluck privately because restaurants rarely offer fruit dishes.
    7. I want to try to give good people a friendly environment to find friends - without advertisement, money pressure, or distractions, but with a pleasant view of a tiny orchard. 

Thank you and keep in touch!

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Please review all the details below and RSVP. Twice we gathered outside in the garden on picnic blankets.

  • Properties: private, informal, recurrent
  • Goals: fun, communication
An environmentally-friendly and healthful semi-formal food event in North County San Diego, Southern California.private gathering, fruit, fruitarian, raw vegan, vegan, raw food, plant-based, vegetarian, food event, potluck, San Diego, North County, Oceanside, California


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