In short, 24-hour refund on meetings, and no refund on originals and digitals. Return is always an option.

Refund Policy

24-Hour Refund on Meetings

In-Person and Remote

All bookings can be refunded 24 hours from the start, for any reason. This includes courses, shoots, consultations, workshops,  presentations, talks, and personal sessions of any kind.

No Refund on Originals

Art Pieces

Art originals or limited editions will not be refunded once shipped out: with insurance, on time, and to the provided verified physical address.

Please request additional information if needed and place your order only if you are sure you will keep the artwork.

  1. Original artworks are not interchangeable items of mass production. I hold the copyright on artwork and other informational creations. Once transferred in original quality, the control over the usage and quality of such products goes to the new owner. I need to protect myself from the few dishonest handlers on the market, and prevent illegal copies and damage.
  2. I operate under the principle of maximizing time spent on great things and minimizing its waste on unnecessary or mundane activities.
  3. I work hard to provide you with all needed information for your decision. What you see is what you get - especially in visual arts. Therefore, I feel I can kindly request your careful consideration before purchasing as well.

If you find these rules unreasonable, please let me know, why.

No Refund on Digitals

Files and Access

Digital products will not be refunded once transferred digitally in high resolution, or after the access to them was given.

Please review the description and samples before purchasing.

Return Policy

If you need to return my product for any reason, please let me know, I would most certainly accept it.

Thank you for considering my offers!
Official return and refund policy. Rules


Lena Nechet, artist - Fine art, media productions, language.
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