From Journal of the American Heart Association Report:

  1. Eating a Western lunch (typically containing refined grains, cheese, cured meat) was associated with a 44% increased risk of CVD death;
  2. Eating a fruit-based lunch was associated with a 34% reduced risk of CVD death;
  3. Eating a vegetable-based dinner was associated with a 23% and 31% reduction in CVD and all-cause mortality, respectively; and
  4. Consuming a snack high in starch after any meal was associated with a 50-52% increased risk of all-cause mortality and a 44-57% increased risk in CVD-related mortality.

CVD - death by cardiovascular disease.

High in starch in this study meant white potatoes. Usually potato snacks (chips) are likely also to be high in processed fat.


  • Dietary data was self-reported by participants.
  • Unmeasured confounding factors cannot be ruled out.



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