As the author of the site, I feel obliged to provide you with some information about my knowledge, credentials (if any), and the reasons I talk about fruitarianism publically - so you can assess the information I offer more critically. 

What I Do Not Know

I am a private person, practicing fruitarianism on her own. I am neither nutritionist nor a doctor, my academic background is in economics. 

No illnesses were cured or prevented by my diet or lifestyle, as far as I know. 

My weight was relatively stable my whole life, so I don't know any special tricks for letting go excessive body fat, other than obvious: choosing nutrient-dense fresh foods, consuming them only during few hours of a day, eating less if you are overeating, sleeping well, moving around, speeding up sometimes, and getting most pleasure from other areas of live: love, erotic satisfaction, passionate conversations, creation, handwork, learning, etc. 

I am not an athlete.  I like medium-distance running and open water swimming, but I do it for pleasure and to look better. I am not competitive, because even my potential physical abilities are average at best, but I enjoy some endurance. For example, once I ran for 3 hours non-stop. But usually it is just 10K. Once, I swam for 3 hours. But usually it was 1 hour of relaxed swimming. 

I have no talent in food preparation. The couple of recipes I dare to post here are extremely basic. This is probably why most of my meals are just whole fruits of one kind - I like the harmony of taste I find in each piece. My ingredient combinations are unusual and spontaneous, difficult to reproduce, and I am too lazy to write down the occasional successful recipes.

English is my third or fourth language. I do my best to improve it, but I lost most of my interest to particular natural languages and prefer other activities. For that I would like to sincerely apologize for my errors and accent.

This are the reasons why I do not give any specific recommendations about health, nutrition or fitness, and why you might find my recipes too basic. 

What I Do Know

Trying to be always honest with myself, and also rationally self-reflecting, I doubted many aspects of fruitarianism and questioned fruitarian diet variations. I still am a fruitarian though. I have serious reason to stay this way, and I will tell you why. 

The fruitarian part of my worldview is primarily based on my temperament, my specific ethical values, my childhood environment, my personal experiences, and my psychological (and possibly physiological) needs. It might be interesting for someone to discuss practical fruitarianism with me for those reasons. 

Both my social life and emotional stability were affected by fruitarianism and veganism, and I feel I could help others to avoid my mistakes

I experimented with many variations of fruit-based diets for over 20 years, read a substantial amount of articles about nutrition from credible sources, and had a long time to think about ethical choices and their implementations.

I can offer you my insight in those areas. 

Hope you find this site useful, and maybe we can do something together one day!


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