Lena's Political Compass: Left Libertarian

In general, I could be described as partially liberal - for almost any personal choice that is not detrimental to others, and partially conservative - for the most part, fiscally, and definitely for maintaining and building upon what is good, especially for preserving ecosystems (wildlife conservation), freedoms, beneficial institutions, cooperation, knowledge, and innovation.

This is a short, slightly disordered summary of my political views, in which I address in short the most commonly discussed political issues. Most of them are subject to change once I am convinced differently.

This is what I stand for, in particular:

  1. Environmental regulations should be improved, deepened, and consistently enforced for the sake of not only humanity but most other forms of life. I am for the preservation of large areas of wild habitat and stable inhabitable ecosystems.
  2. Societies should invest more in science, sustainable technologies, and education based on critical thinking and creativity.
  3. Constant innovation and fusion of adaptive elements of cultures.
  4. Ethical treatment of sentient beings.
  5. Authority should be questioned: it requires oversight, a free press, and freedom of speech and expression.
  6. State and churches should be separated.
  7. For free markets, smartly regulated, for anti-trust enforcement, and private ownership of the means of production (i.e. not a socialist).
  8. Internet service providers should not be allowed to manipulate the access.
  9. Pro-choice in the first 12-17 weeks of pregnancy, and only encouragingly pro-life after that, unless there are significant risks to the woman's or potential child's well-being.
  10. Contraception should be available to everyone. Birth control, science-based sex education, and more social services should be provided to everyone to help reduce the number of abortions and to control population growth, so that all children are well cared for, and are not forced to fight for resources later in life.
  11. I support mixed-sex, same-sex, and possibly multiple-partner marriages of any gender: if people are willing to take the risks of trust and responsibility to enter such civil contracts, the government should not prohibit any union, unless arranged under duress.
  12. Adoption rights should be determined only by the children's well-being and be based on the character and readiness of the potential parents. All future parents should be educated in best practices in child care and about the development stages of the human brain.
  13. Nobody should be physically disciplined, this includes spanking of any kind by caregivers.
  14. I am not sure whether all recreational drugs should be legalized, but the production certainly needs to be significantly reduced, the public should be informed about the consequences of drug use, and the restrictions should be clearly and simply defined. You can manipulate dragged people to do anything, it is the second-big danger to humanity.
  15. What goes on in a private bedroom between consenting adults is no business of the state. Pornography, depicting consenting adults in any depiction of lawful behavior, should be legal for the adult population with strong measures of protection for actors. Violence and intimidation of any kind, including sexual, should be prosecuted, and when not covered by the law, then discouraged by policy.
  16. For a long time, I believed that voluntary adult prostitution should be legal, with the imposition of prophylactic healthcare and safety measures. But since very recently, after learning about the situation in Germany in 2021, I now consider the prosecution of customers and traffickers only, the so-called Nordic model (implemented in Sweden) as an alternative.
  17. Purchasing a gun should require, an extensive background check, licensing, and training.
  18. A war should be permitted exclusively as an act of defense, similar to other offenses against life. Starting warfare if not attacked should be treated as a mass murder or an attempt of such, and the prosecution of the perpetrators can be performed without their presence in an international court. The military commanders of the agressor can then be eliminated by united military forces. The leader of a country should not be able to authorize any military force against any other entity without congressional or similar approval. An actual observable invasion of another country must be equivalent to a formal war declaration.
  19. I am against the death penalty unless it could stop further mass murder during wartime.
  20. Police officers should wear body cameras that are always on during their time of duty, and the footage should be accessible to the public in non-sensitive cases.
  21. In criminal justice, rehabilitation should be more important than punishment.
  22. I am pro voluntary medically assisted euthanasia - with a mandatory waiting period upon a reasonable request to a professional commission by the individual, with therapy and other help provided for the individual who wishes to end their life prematurely. 
  23. Every adult must participate in the democratic process and vote. Former convicted individuals should have the right to vote.
  24. I support a significant simplification of taxes and the removal of tax loopholes.
  25. I am for extensive support for small business and entrepreneurialism and stronger regulation of corporate capitalism. A corporation is not a person.
  26. Governments should penalize businesses that mislead potential customers. This includes media companies.
  27. Universal base income for everyone instead of most welfare to protect people from exploitation, reduce crime, and save taxpayer money on bureaucracy.
  28. Universal science-based basic healthcare with a comprehensive preventative program. Private healthcare programs for more elaborate life-improving procedures can stimulate research and be of benefit to all in the future.
  29. Due process, due diligence.
Political Compass Infographics:
  • Economic Left / Right:  Left: 4.88.
  • Social Libertarian / Authoritarian: Libertarian: 7.44.

I started to vote as soon as I could, and never belonged to any political party.

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